Acceptance and Commitment Therapy SIG

ACT for Weight Management, London networking event, UCL 9 August 2013

In Community, London Network on June 23, 2013 at 2:50 pm

BABCP ACT SIG and University College London

London ACT Networking Event, Friday 9 August 2013, 2 – 4pm


ACT for weight management

Dr Matt Wardley

There has been a recent growth in the use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for individuals with weight-related issues. This is supported by an increasing number of empirical studies indicating the effectiveness of ACT as an evidence-based approach for this client group.

This event explores the use of ACT in both individual and group settings for this population. We will look specifically at the rationale for ACT in weight management, ACT case conceptualisation for weight management,and the use of the ACT processes/exercises.

We will explore acceptance and defusion strategies (such as mindful eating, urge surfing and focusing on body image issues) to help people change their relationship with food and weight-related thoughts and feelings. This will be combined with addressing and clarifying values in the context of weight loss goals as well as developing ongoing values-directed action.

The group will be interactive in nature and will invite attendees to engage in discussion and experiential exercises.

About the Speaker

Dr Matt Wardley is a counselling psychologist working a NHS-based multidisciplinary Diabetes Service within Barking & Dagenham. He completed his DPsych at City University, London following a previous career as an IT Consultant.

A significant proportion of his work within the Diabetes Service is helping individuals manage their weight due to its significant impact on their diabetes management. Matt runs a 12-week weight management programme as well as working individually using an ACT approach. He previously worked in a Renal Service within an outpatient and inpatient hospital setting, where weight management also plays a significant role across the disease pathway.

Having conducted doctoral research investigating psychological therapists’ lived experience of ACT-based wellbeing training within the workplace, he has become interested in the process of delivering ACT in group settings and in training therapists in ACT. He recently presented his research at the ACBS World Conference in Washington D.C.

The event is free. We welcome all those with an interest in ACT to attend (BABCP members and non-members are welcome).

Please RSVP to give us a sense of the numbers for the afternoon:

Location: Central London

Pearson (North East Entrance) Lecture Theatre,

Pearson Building, Gower Street,


Directions: The nearest tube stations are Euston Square and Warren Street.

A map of the campus is here:


Matt Wardley ACT

The slides from the presentation are available:  ACT Networking Event – Weight Management – v.3

And a recording of the talk is here

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