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ACT for Insomnia – London networking event, May 3 2013, UCL

In Community, London Network on April 4, 2013 at 10:58 pm

BABCP ACT Special Interest Group & University College London

London ACT networking event

Friday 3 May 2 – 4pm, UCL  (one hour talk + discussion)


ACT for Insomnia – Dr Guy Meadows, The Sleep School

The Sleep School

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) offers a unique and gentle non-drug based approach to overcoming chronic insomnia. It seeks to increase people’s willingness to experience the conditioned physiological and psychological discomfort commonly associated with not sleeping.

Such acceptance paradoxically acts to lessen the brains level of nocturnal arousal, thus encouraging a state of rest and sleepiness, rather than struggle and wakefulness. Additional focus on valued driven behaviour also acts to avert unhelpful patterns of experiential avoidance and promote the ideal safe environment from which good quality sleep can emerge.

The application and merits for using ACT approaches such as acceptance and willingness, mindfulness and defusion and values and committed action for the treatment of chronic insomnia are discussed and compared to the traditional cognitive behavioural strategies.

The Speaker: Small_guyprofile

Dr Guy Meadows has been studying human physiology for 15 years of which 10 years has been devoted to sleep research and the prevention of sleep disorders.

He graduated with a first class BSc Honours degree from Glamorgan University, then an MsC (Distinction) at Kings College London in Human and Applied Physiology and finally completed his doctorate at Imperial College London. Whilst studying there he worked in the sleep research laboratories of the Royal Brompton and Charing Cross Hospitals where he investigated the effects of sleep on the regulation of the human brain.

After gaining his doctorate, he spent 6 years of working with and listening to insomniacs and realised that if their suffering was to be alleviated then a change was needed in the way that insomnia was managed. He noted that the problem with current strategies was that they were focused on trying to control sleep and whilst some offered some short term relief, they did not provide a long term solution. What Guy understood was that instead of repeat prescriptions, rituals and rule books, insomniacs needed re-education, hence the name ‘The Sleep School’. With this education insomniacs are helped to let go of struggling with their insomnia and allow their natural ability to sleep to emerge once more. To date he has successfully worked with over a thousand one-to-one clients over the last 6 years at his London clinic and has made it his mission change the way in which insomnia is managed around the world to lessen unnecessary suffering.

The event is free. We welcome all those with an interest in ACT to attend (BABCP members and non-members are welcome).

Location: Central London

Pearson (North East Entrance) Lecture Theatre,

Pearson Building, Gower Street,


Directions: The nearest tube stations are Euston Square and Warren Street.

A map of the campus is here:

Dr Guy Meadows London ACT networking 3 May 2013


EDIT:  Dr Guy Meadows has kindly shared a summary of his talk:

ACT for Insomnia (ACT-I) by Dr Guy Meadows – The Sleep School

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